Arma 3 rules

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Server Rules

General Rules

Exploiting is NOT permitted
* Exploiting is taking advantage of any flaw in a system for personal gain

RDM is NOT permitted
* RDM stands for Random Death Matching
* RDMing is the killing (or attempted killing) of another player for no roleplay reason

Fail RP is NOT permitted
* Fail RP is failing to roleplay correctly and/or using ArmA 3 game mechanics to your advantage
Examples of Fail RP:
* Escorting a player and using them as a meat shield in a firefight
* You are restrained and a player pulls you out of a vehicle, you use the split second where your gun is usable to shoot your captor
* Exiting vehicles while restrained (unless instructed to by the driver)
* Aborting the game whilst in RP

Metagaming is NOT permitted
* Metagaming is the act of gaining information outside of role play and using it in role play
Examples of metagaming:
* You are sitting in a civ channel on teamspeak and overhear another group getting ready to do a drug run, you leave the channel and set up a road block with the intention of robbing this group
* Gaining knowledge out of RP that a federal reserve robbery is about to take place and joining the police force to defend it

Powergaming is NOT permitted
Powergaming is the act of working towards a goal without the intention of role playing
Example of Powergaming:
* Robbing a store because you wish to kill cops, not because you are role playing as a robber
* Sitting just outside a safezone declaring on everyone who passes by, simply because you can

Trolling is NOT permitted
* Trolling is continuously doing an action to annoy/upset or provoke a reaction from other players. Such as unflipping vehicles, opening and closing gates, repeated speeding through a major city and blocking/ramming other players

New life rule MUST be followed
* You will often hear players and staff refer to new life rule as NLR
* When you die, you have no knowledge of past events. You cannot return to the same roleplay event under any circumstances
* NLR carries over if you swap faction (eg. if you die on civ, you cannot swap to police/medic and return to the same roleplay)

Medics are here to help
* Medics present no threat and should never be treated as one
* Taking medics hostage is not permitted, however their lives can be threatend if the rolepley permits
* Stealing medic vehicles is not permitted under any circumstances


* All hostile actions must be declared. This is to ensure all players have a chance to respond

* We encourage all declerations to be performed via voice however recommend giving the initial declaration in DIRECT TEXT chat or using the CELL PHONE messages app. Failure to do this may result in you being accused of RDM, and there would be no evidence to back you up

* You must give the player(s) you declare on reasonable time to respond (eg. Shooting them after 2 seconds because they haven’t exited their vehicle is not reasonable)
* If the player(s) you declare on become hostile you may take action

* Police generally do not declare hostile intent on players. They may however instruct you to leave an area or be assumed hostile
* If police attempt to taze an ARMED suspect (a player is considered ARMED if they have a weapon out and visible), it is a hostile declaration for the people in the immediate area (group members who are not within 1.5km of the location are not included – send a message to the police telling them to back off)

* If declaring on police using the Cell Phone, it may be a good idea (but not required) to use one of the ‘Text Police’ functions – but please make sure you specify who you are talking to – a ‘stop now’ sent to all cops means nothing, as no one has any idea who you are talking to

* If your allies are declared upon/robbed/etc, and the hostile roleplay finishes before you arrive, you must redeclare before engaging

Voice Declarations
* Voice declarations can be said however you wish, as long as you state your demands and the consequence for not complying
* Format: [Demand][Consequence]
* Example: Alright fellas I’m going to ask you to get down on the ground or I’ll be splitting your heads open like a watermelon

Text Declarations
Declaration on single player
* Format: [Demand and Timeframe][Consequence]
* Example: Get out of your truck and on the ground with any weapons down. You have 20 seconds to comply or we will shoot you

Declaration on a group (usually police)
* Format: [Location][Demand and Timeframe][Consequence]
* Example: All cops near Kavala cornfield, you have 30 seconds to drop your weapons and get on the ground away from your vehicles or you will be shot
* Alternatively you can message the officer directly

Declaring on Police stations
* Police stations inside of safe zones may not be captured by rebel groups
* Police stations outside of safe zones may be captured at any time
* You may declare on a police station for the police to release your friends or they will be killed. Note: If the police station is inside of a blue safezone, it must be within 10 minutes of your friend being involved in the hostile role play, otherwise standard safezone rules apply
* Police must not send the player to jail while there is an active threat

Safe Zones

There are TWO types of safe zone on our server
The GREEN zones are called STRICT SAFE ZONES, and are placed at the main spawn cities and rebel bases
The BLUE zones are called SAFE ZONES, and are placed at the remaining spawn cities, medic stations, and other key locations

Strict Safe Zones (GREEN Zones)
These zones are marked by a green overlay on the map
* Lockpicking vehicles inside a strict safe zone is not permitted
* Stealing vehicles is not permitted within the strict safezone
* Hostile roleplay is not permitted inside a strict safe zone (robbing, kidnapping, etc.)
* Running into a strict safe zone to avoid hostile roleplay is not permitted
* Striders and Ifrits are not permitted inside the city strict safe zones
* Robbing houses within this zone is allowed and the owner can kill the robbers, however the roleplay must stay inside the house

Safe Zones (BLUE Zones)
These zones are marked by a blue overlay on the map
* No hostile roleplay can be initiated inside a safe zone (unless listed below)
* Hostile roleplay can be initiated inside the safe zone if a player is robbing a store and is confronted by police
* Hostile roleplay can be initiated if a suspect is apprehended by police, however roleplay must be followed and relevant declarations made (see declaration section)
* Hostile roleplay may continue if brought in from outside the safe zone

Hostile Actions

* You must be willing to negotiate with the police in regards to the amount you wish to receive for your hostages. The police have MAXIMUM set values, however you should expect to negotiate below this value
* You must give a considerable amount of time from the initial point of contact with the police. minimum 10 minutes before you may execute your hostage
* You may not attack the negotiator or take the negotiator hostage as long as your reasonable demands have been met

Attacking/Sieging Towns
* Strict safe zones can not be attacked/sieged
* To attack/siege a town, a rebel group must have at least 5 members present and ask an OzzyGaming team member to send out a server message. (no message = no attack)
* To attack/siege a safe zone, you must seek approval from a Server Administrator or higher
* If a player dies during a town takeover, they may not return to that town until the completion of the siege
* During the town attack/siege, the attackers can kill armed players on sight with no warning
* Safe zone towns may only be occupied for a maximum of 30 minutes. Other towns can be occupied for as long as the attackers are alive

Vehicle Rules

Vehicle Rules
* Intentially running players over without a valid roleplay reason is not permitted
* Intentionally destroying a vehicle without a valid role play reason is not permitted
* Vehicle ramming without a valid roleplay reason is not permitted
* It is recommended to keep a safe distance (50m) from other vehicles while driving in desync

Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve
* The inside of the federal reserve compound is always a KOS (kill on site)
* 5 Police must be on duty before the federal reserve can be robbed

* While the Federal Reserve is not being robbed players inside the KOS zone must declare on players outside before hostile RP begins, and vice versa

* While the Federal Reserve is being robbed players inside the KOS zone can shoot players outside the KOS zone without declaration
* While the Federal Reserve is being robbed players outside the KOS zone can shoot players in or around the KOS zone without declaration only if they can see inside the federal reserve compound
* eg. Person A is on cement hill, person B is outside the south wall. Both person A and person B could shoot each other because they are close enough to have visuals on the inside of the compound

* While the Federal Reserve is being robbed players cannot shoot into or around the police airbase unless an officer is returning from the federal reserve while the robbery is in progress
* Police may not impound vehicles in the immediate vincinity of the Federal Reserve while hostile roleplay is active
* Triggering the robbery alert on the federal reserve to bait police, troll police, to get kills, or similar, is not permitted

* After a federal reserve robbery there is a 30 minute cooldown. No one is allowed to begin a new robbery in this time